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Finding the best portable ultrasound machine

Portable is not really an application but the recognition that multiple applications will often be needed in the same ultrasound machine.

Click on any of the categories below to see the top 1-4 recommended portable ultrasound machines in that category. All machines in a category will have similar minimum features. The price range in a category will generally but not always be similar. Price fluctuates by the brand recognition of an ultrasound machine (well known brands carry a higher price) as well as the condition of the system. (Brand new machines have higher prices than refurbished or used portable ultrasound machines.)

Often the best value in a category will be a refurbished ultrasound system from a well-known brand. The feature set is the same as other competing machines in the segment but the price is much lower. If you know what segment you’re looking for choose one below and click to see what portable ultrasound machines are recommended in that feature range:

Categories of portable ultrasound machines

Most, but not all of the features of a premium console at a lower cost.
The most commonly purchased systems with some premium features.
Basic systems with less advanced technology but at a lower price.
Inexpensive and small with limited functionality but held in the hand.
B&W Portable
Extremely inexpensive portables with dated tech. & no Doppler.

The best high-end portable ultrasound machines:

Recommended systems: Philips CX50, GE Vivid-q

The high-end portable ultrasound machine segment is small because of the difficulty in packing the computing power necessary to provide high-end image quality and features into a portable, hand-carried size. The Philips CX50 and the GE Vivid-q are the only two portable ultrasound machines thus far able to do so. The Philips CX50 is designed for cardiovascular, general imaging and shared service applications and offers not only the only advanced single crystal transducers in the portable ultrasound machine market, but also the only 4D TEE probe in the portable cardiovascular ultrasound segment. The CX50 offers onboard quantification and analysis through the advanced Qlab package. The CX50 is an incredible value because as a portable ultrasound machine it sells at low high-end prices while offering true premium image quality and performance. The GE Vivid q is the more advanced version of the cardiovascular focused Vivid i. The “q” stands for quantification, and the Vivid-q provides this quantification and analysis onboard. The Vivid-q offers a broad range of transducers and features including great pediatric and neonatal cardiac support.

premium cardiac ultrasound
What to expect from a high-end portable ultrasound machine:
  • Amazing to excellent 2D & Doppler image quality
  • Lighter units with longer lasting batteries have the advantage
  • Up-to-date system architecture
  • A larger selection of transducers (single crystal, xMatrix or 4D are rare)
  • Compact size makes it perfect for the operating room or small exam rooms
  • Image optimization and auto measurement save time & decrease fatigue
  • Automation & simple workflow is important for “punkability” in a portable
  • 15″ LCD monitor
  • All cardiac modes: tissue Doppler imaging, CW LVO, stress echo & pediatric
  • Auto image optimization, auto color & Doppler save time & decrease fatigue
  • Full measurement and reporting packages for supported applications
Key reasons the Philips CX50 is recommended:
  • Premium imaging performance at a high-end price
  • iSCAN: Image Auto Optimization for B/D
  • Excellent image quality from SonoCT real-time image compounding
  • Advanced XRES: eliminates virtually all speckle noise & enhances border definition
  • AutoSCAN continuously optimizes the image based on brightness and TGC
  • xMatrix transducer X7-2t adult transesophegeal
  • 3 Single Crystal probes: C3-10v transvaginal, C5-1 convex, S5-1 sector
  • High performance linear probes & hockey stick probe for the operation room
  • Optional cart can connect up to three transducers at once
  • Intelligent Doppler: automatically maintains pre-selected 0/60° flow angle
  • Active native data: allows manipulation of raw image data
  • QLAB: easy to use vascular quantification tools (embedded or PC based)
  • QLAB: IMT measurement
  • QLAB: MVI microvascular imaging
  • SmartExam system-guided protocol
  • Live Compare: allows recall of current or previous exam image data for direct side-by-side comparison
  • Full vascular measurement package and flexible report format
  • Needle visualization
  • Active native data: fine-tune exams during or after scanning
  • Interventional cardiology: 4D TEE and ICE
  • 4D TEE provides assistance in cardiac valve surgery & anesthesiology planning
  • MVQ: Mitral valve quantification for precise 3D multiplanar reconstruction
  • MPR: measurements of the mitral valve anatomy and structures with 4D TEE
  • iSCAN: automatic image optimization
  • Designed for diagnostic, interventional, surgical and pediatric echo
  • Breakthrough 2D ICE (View Flex Xtra catheter)
  • Fully integrated with Philips interventional X-ray systems
  • EchoNavigator: supports advanced structural repairs
  • CMQ: (cardiac motion quantification) assess global & regional cardiac function
Philips CX50
Key reasons the GE Vivid q is recommended:
  • Good to Excellent cardiac performance
  • GE TruScan architecture for raw image quality
  • Tissue Synchronization Imaging
  • Full range of transducers for adult to pediatric scans
  • Excellent images quality, advanced quantification, and streamlined workflow
  • Competitive advantage of ICE for interventional echo
  • Parametric imaging and quantitative tools for in-depth analysis
  • Automated quantification
  • Auto EF: automated, speckle-tracking ROI to access LV ejection fraction
  • One touch image optimization
  • 1 single crystal probe: M4S-RS
  • AFI (Automated Function Imaging) Speckle tracking strain tool.
  • ECHOPAC software and network solutions
  • 2D TEE probes for adult and pediatric application
GE Vivid q

The best midrange portable ultrasound machines:

Recommended systems: GE Vivid i, GE Voluson i, Samsung HM70a

Diagnostic ultrasound is quickly expanding to all markets across all countries because of it is so safe and incredibly useful in diagnosis of common problems across a wide variety of applications. In many developing markets the midrange portable ultrasound represents the best option because it allows a single unit to be shared easily by multiple doctors in multiple rooms or locations. Many private practice physicians in more develop nations are acquiring a midrange portable ultrasound machine as a second, backup system able to travel to a second office, or provide scans during peak times when both machines will be utilized at once. A midrange portable ultrasound machine emphasizes image quality and workflow efficiencies to allow quick diagnosis in the majority of common scans. To reduce the price and keep the form factor light, many features are limited or removed, however with the 3 options recommended here there is still a deep, if narrowly specialized feature set. GE is able to keep feature sets deep by narrowing them by application. The GE Voluson i is the most advanced 4D OB/GYN, women’s health portable ultrasound machine available in the world but it’s GI and Cardiovascular abilities are limited or nonexistent. The Voluson-i’s 2D and 4D image quality is excellent. The GE Vivid i is perhaps the most well known cardiovascular portable ultrasound in the midrange segment because it still offers a tremendous amount of cardiac features and transducers in a midrange priced portable package. It’s 2D, Doppler and CW image quality are good to excellent. The Samsung HM70A offers a blended approach with good 4D for OB/GYN and good cardiac imaging but a smaller set of features and transducers for both. The HM70A also offers a lower price though the quality and reliability of this Samsung portable ultrasound are on par with GE’s portables.

high-end cardiac ultrasound

What to expect from a midrange portable ultrasound machine:

  • Good to excellent 2D, Doppler or 4D image quality
  • Lighter units with longer lasting batteries have the advantage
  • Up-to-date system architecture
  • A larger selection of transducers without single crystal options
  • Compact size makes it perfect for the operating room or small exam rooms
  • Image optimization and auto measurement save time & decrease fatigue
  • Automation & simple workflow is important for “punkability” in a portable
  • 15″ LCD monitor
  • Speckle reduction and image compounding increase image quality
  • Auto image optimization
  • Full measurement and reporting packages for supported applications
  • Laptop sized proportions
  • A single probe port
  • Available mobility cart
Key reasons the Samsung UGEO HM70A is recommended:
  • Affordable midrange shared service solution with 4D at a great price
  • Slim and lightweight (6.1Kg, 13.7lb)
  • EZ-Exam: transforms multiple steps into a streamlined process
  • HDVI (high definition volume imaging) One button 4D image renders
  • Full screen mode: expand the image area to fit the entire screen
  • HD ADVR™ integrated DVD (720 x 480) & USB (1920 x 1080), scan and record simultaneously
  • QuickScan for B/D
  • Adult cardiac and pediatric cardiac probes
  • 1 mechanical 4D convex probe (VN4-8)
  • 4D modes: Surface 3D, multi-slice, multi-planar, & real time 4D
  • Hybrid Beamforming Engine: detailed scanning with higher energy output
  • Bi directional Doppler (S-Flow) and highly sensitive color Doppler
  • Volume modes: surface, multi slice, multi planar, & real time 4D
  • Boot time of 60sec and 10~20 sec from sleep mode
  • Smart cart with 3 probe connectors and great mobility
  • Sector, 4D, convex, endocavitary, and linear for wide application coverage
Samsung UGEO HM70A Portable Ultrasound System
Key reasons the GE Voluson i is recommended:
  • Unique high-end 4D solution with excellent 3/4D image quality
  • Various premium 3/4D features and transducers for extended exams
  • Slim and lightweight (5.6Kg, 12.3lb)
  • 6 Mechanical 4D probes: (RAB2-5, RAB2-6, RAB4-8, RIC5-9W, RSP6-16, RNA5-9)
  • Automatic Optimization (B/D)
  • TUI (Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging)
  • STIC
  • SonoNT
  • SonoRender Start
  • SonoAVCfollicle
  • SonoVCADheart
  • SonoVCADlabor
GE Voluson-i Portable Ultrasound System
Key reasons the GE Vivid i is recommended:
  • Good to excellent cardiac performance
  • GE TruScan architecture for raw image quality
  • Tissue Synchronization Imaging
  • Full range of transducers for adult to pediatric scans
  • Excellent image quality, advanced quantification, and streamlined workflow
  • Competitive advantage of ICE for interventional echo
  • Parametric imaging and quantitative tools for in-depth analysis
  • Automated quantification
  • Adult and Pediatric TEE probes
  • Auto EF: automated, speckle-tracking ROI to access LV ejection fraction
  • One touch image optimization
GE Vivid i

The best economy portable ultrasound machines:

Recommended systems: GE Logiq-e, Sonosite M-turbo

Economy portable ultrasound machines are in high demand as secondary units for doctors with multiple facilities, in price sensitive regions or for medical professionals that only occasionally perform ultrasound scans. An economy portable ultrasound will be light, have acceptable image quality with a color flat screen monitor and limited features and hardware power in order to stay price competitive. This segment has become crowded with many new brands that are attempting to grow into developing markets or to take market share with new users of diagnostic ultrasound who have not yet formed a brand preference. The GE Logiq e is the most well-known, and best selling portable ultrasound machine with a low price. There are lower priced options, but none with the smooth GE workflow, proven reliability and breadth of transducer and application options. The Logiq e replaced the older GE Logiqbook. The Logiq e is a safe choice and continues to be developed and supported. The SonoSite M-turbo is a 4th generation Sonosite portable ultrasound that is the smallest in non-handheld segment and has the reputation as the most rugged. Sonosite was developed to be a military grade ultrasound machine carried into the field and that heritage is preserved in the M-turbo. Though only offering acceptable and sometimes poor image quality and more limited probes the Sonosite portables have kept a strong following of loyal users who praise their rugged reliability and extreme portability and are not bothered by the smaller screen or lower image quality levels.

Buyer's guide of Mid-range Cardiac

What to expect from an economy portable ultrasound machine:

  • Acceptable 2D & Doppler image quality
  • Lighter units with longer lasting batteries have the advantage
  • Older hardware or limited hardware to cut costs
  • A moderate selection of transducers
  • Compact size makes it perfect for the operating room or small exam rooms
  • Limited image optimization and auto measurements
  • 15″ or smaller LCD monitor
  • A single probe port
  • Limited features
  • Basic measurement and reporting packages
Key reasons the GE Logiq e is recommended:
  • The most popular economy portable ultrasound machine sold
  • 15” monitor
  • Optional cart with 3 probe connectors
  • Wide range of transducers, more than any other in the economy segment
  • Linear transducers: hockey-stick, intraoperative, & high frequency linear
  • Dedicated measurement for PoC applications
  • Raw data: onboard or post processing of images
  • Full vascular, cardiac, and GI measurement packages
  • Automatic optimization for B/C/D
  • Auto focus and auto frequency which increased probe “plunkability”
  • Good image quality with SRI (speckle reduction)
  • CrossXBeam: compound imaging
  • Semi-automated IMT measurement
  • eSmart trainer: shows basic scanning techniques for beginning practitioners
  • Battery provides 1 hour of scanning time
  • CrossXBeam image compounding and SRI image enhancement
  • Cardiac measurements & reports, stress echo, tissue Doppler imaging & TEE
  • Wide selection of probes including endocavitary E8C-RS
  • High-end features: AMM, CMM and panoramic
  • High-end features: B-Steer + needle recognition and IMT
GE Logiq e Portable Ultrasound System
Key reasons the SonoSite M-Turbo is recommended:
  • 10.4 inch LCD monitor
  • Smallest size in this segment
  • Rugged exterior and keyboard design
  • 4 linear probes give broad vascular and small parts support
  • 2 sector probes for adult and pediatric cardiac
  • Single convex and endocavitary probes
  • Auto IMT
  • Adult TEE
  • Speckle reduction and image compounding
  • Needle enhancement
SonoSite M Turbo

The best handheld portable ultrasound machines

Recommended systems: GE Venue 40, GE Vscan

The handheld ultrasound machine category did not exist only a few years ago, but GE has successfully begun the category and now several brands have followed suit and created tablet sized ultrasound machines or smaller. Typically these systems are very limited by their size to providing a “quick look” into a small range of basic scans. Doctors rarely use these handheld ultrasounds as their only source of diagnosis, but as a backup or initial form of discovery, or for a very specialized type of scan. The GE Vscan is the size of a flip style cellphone and has only a single sector style transducer that is good for deep penetration needed for abdominal and cardiac scans using 2D and limited color. Because the screen size is so small and the hardware so limited one needs to be realistic about what can be expected from such a small ultrasound machine. With those realistic expectations the Vscan can be incredibly helpful and reduce the need to bring in larger more expensive units when a “quick look” is all that is needed to determine further action. A new version of the Vscan known as the Vscan dual greatly expands what the Vscan is capable of by creating a unique dual transducer that has a linear scan head on one side and the original sector scan head on the other side with the probe cable coming out the side. It remains to be seen how durable and ergonomic this option will be but it certainly has broadened the Vscan’s capabilities. The GE Venue 40 is a tablet sized handheld ultrasound machine with a broader set of 4 probes (no endocavitary) and greater application support, but

Buyer's guide of Economy

What to expect from a portable handheld ultrasound machine:

  • 10” or smaller screen size
  • Poor or acceptable image quality
  • Doppler unavailable or very limited
  • Lightweight, able to be carried and used at the same time
  • Very limited hardware because of space constraints
  • Very limited set of available transducers
  • Can be carried in a pocket or in the hand
  • Limited connectivity for image export
  • Limited applications
Key reasons the GE VSCAN is recommended:
  • Poor image quality, but acceptable for the price and size
  • Cell phone sized form factor
  • 3.8” LCD screen
  • Cardiac, abdominal, select peripheral vascular applications
  • Only 1 available probe, a sector (1.7- 3.8 MHz)
  • B, B-flow, and Anatomical M mode
  • USB image transfer
GE Vscan Portable Ultrasound System
Key reasons the GE Venue 40 is recommended:
  • Acceptable image quality
  • 10.4” LCD screen
  • Tablet form factor
  • 4 available probes
  • B, color Doppler, power Doppler
  • No PW (pulsed wave) or CW (continuous wave) Doppler
  • B mode automatic image optimization
  • Cart with battery charger available
  • DICOM available
  • USB and wireless image transfer
GE Venue 40 Main Left Side

The best black & white portable ultrasound machines

Recommended systems: Sonoscape A6

Originally all ultrasound machines were black and white only. (2D B & M modes) But now most diagnostic ultrasound machines have color and Doppler as a standard feature. Black and white portable ultrasounds are however gaining market share because of their extremely low price. Most new ultrasound machine manufacturers are using these low cost B&W portables to break into new markets that could not previously afford diagnostic ultrasound. The drawbacks to these systems are a lack of quality and reliability that have turned many doctors off to ultrasound altogether because of these predictable shortcomings. Technical glitches, buggy software, boot up failures and other problems have made a large number of brand new B&W portable ultrasounds useless in a few days or months. A few brands however have done better than others at addressing not only the reliability issues, but also poor workflow that makes them extremely hard to use and unintuitive. SonoScape has done an acceptable job of balancing cost savings with better (though still not great) reliability and a somewhat simpler workflow. The SonoScape A6 is an acceptable black and white portable ultrasound that uses the standard box-like monitor with a drawbridge keyboard design that comes from 10-15 years ago when hardware could not be fit into a smaller laptop sized format. The one advantage to this format is the space to put two probe ports rather than the usual one. The A6 can colorize its B&W images for better visibility and the screen is good quality. Though the SonoScape A6 is much cheaper (half to a third of the price of most economy portable ultrasound machines) it is still able to do most general imaging and OB/GYN scans that do not require Doppler or 3D.

Buyer's guide of Portable Ultrasound

What to expect from a black & white portable ultrasound machine:

  • Acceptable B&W image quality
  • Boxier, heavier portable design
  • Smaller than 15” monitor
  • No Doppler or freehand 3D
  • USB ports for image export
  • Many B&W portable ultrasounds have NO battery
Key reasons the SonoScape A6 is recommended:
  • Acceptable B&W image quality
  • Cost is half to a third of economy portables price
  • Boxier, heavier portable design
  • Acceptable usability
  • 12” color LCD screen that is tiltable to avoid glare
  • USB ports for image export
  • B, M, Dual and Quad screen imaging modes
  • No Doppler!
  • Panoramic imaging
  • 9 probes: Linear, Convex, Microconvex and Endocavitary
  • Limited cardiac functions with a convex probe
SonoScape A6 Portable Ultrasound System

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