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Samsung is a globally recognized top brand that has expanded into medical equipment in recent years by purchasing Medison ultrasound in 2011. Samsung Medison ultrasound was the resulting company with the resources of Samsung and the experience and product line of Medison, especially in 4D.

Samsung ultrasound machines

Samsung has created its own ultrasound machine line that at first was known as the UGEO line. That brand name has since been dropped but the products remain the same whether with our without the UGEO moniker. The RS80A and WS80A are the top of the line Samsung ultrasound machines in the premium category. The Eko 7 is a high-end cardiovascular focused ultrasound machine. The A35 drops the Accuvix brand name but is the upgraded successor to the Accuvix A30. The A30 was an upgraded version of the Accuvix XG first developed by Medison. The A35 and A30 and XG all look visually similar and are meant as high-end shared service machines able to do 4D OBGYN and Cardiac and everything in between. The Samsung H60 (formerly UGEO H60) is an excellent midrange shared service ultrasound machine.

current lineup

premium machines are at the top and they become less expensive, with fewer features the farther down the list you go. Ultrasounds with a check mark by them are top-rated in our best ultrasound machines buyer’s guide.

Samsung RS80A: Top of the line premium with Shearwave Elastography
Samsung WS80A: Premium shared service ultrasound with high definition 4D

Samsung Accuvix A30: High-end, Samsung improved version of the Accuvix XG
Samsung H60: Fully Samsung designed Midrange shared service ultrasound

Medison ultrasound machines

Medison ultrasound machines typically are shared service, meaning they can handle any and every type of application from Cardiac to 4D OB/GYN in one ultrasound machine. Samsung has continued this practice of offering shared service ultrasound in its product lines. Samsung continues to produce several Medison ultrasound machines today, only changing the brand name. What used to be the Medison SonoAce R7 became the Samsung Medison SonoAce R7, and now is simply the Samsung SonoAce R7. It’s the same machine no matter which name it’s under. The Samsung Accuvix XG is still in production as a midrange Medison ultrasound though it’s predecessors the Accuvix V20, Accuvix V10 and much older Accuvix XQ have all been discontinued. The Samsung SonoAce R7 is a premium economy shared service Medison ultrasound offering the lowest cost 4D OB/GYN in the current Samsung ultrasound lineup. The Samsung SonoAce R5 is virtually identical to the R7 but has no 4D and slower, less expensive hardware. The SonoVet R5 is a veterinary version of the R5. Both the R7 and R5 replaced the earlier SonoAce X6 that has an older look. The X6 is still in production in some places as a very inexpensive general imaging /OB system.

current lineup

ultrasound machines are at the top and they become less expensive, with fewer features the farther down the list you go. Ultrasounds with a check mark by them are top-rated in our best ultrasound machines buyer’s guide.

Samsung Accuvix XG: Previous top of the line successor to the V20, now Midrange
Samsung SonoAce R7: Midrange version of the R5 with 4D
Samsung SonoAce R5: Economy GI & OB/GYN replacement for the X6

Medison ultrasound machines no longer in production:

Medison Accuvix V10: Slightly less powerful, less expensive version of the V20

Medison SonoAce X8: Same as the Philips HD9, meant as a 4D capable X6

Samsung Portable Ultrasound

Samsung’s top of the line portable is the HM70A that is the successor to the Samsung MySono U6. The Mysono U6 was an improved version of the Mysono U5. The HM70a, U6 and U5 were all shared service Samsung portable ultrasounds, but the cardiac functions of the U5 were very poor, while the U6 was acceptable and the HM70A performs at levels similar to the powerful GE Vivid-i. The SonoAce R3 and SonoVet R3 are portable versions of the R5 and are meant as inexpensive general imaging / OB / Vascular units as they do not support either cardiac or 4D. The R3 replaced the extremely popular Medison Pico, which is no longer in production. Samsung recently launched the PT60A a tablet style ultrasound meant to compete with the GE Venue 40.

current lineup

expensive ultrasound machines are listed first then get older, less expensive and with less features as you go down the list. Ultrasounds with a check mark by them are top-rated in our best portable ultrasound machines buyer’s guide.

Samsung HM70A: Midrange replacement for the U6, good cardiac & more probes
Samsung MySono U6: Midrange replacement for the U5 with better cardiac

Samsung PT60A: Tablet style ultrasound machine with basic features

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