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Siemens is a large global brand and Siemens ultrasound has been producing diagnostic ultrasound since the early 1980s with the Sonoline brand name. In the year 2000 Siemens purchased Acuson ultrasound and merged it’s two product lines, keeping the Acuson brand names.

Siemens ultrasound machines

The current lineup of Siemens ultrasound machines all use the Acuson brand name and are divided into two lines, the “S” line of premium and high-end ultrasound machines based upon the design of the previous generation Acuson Antares. The second line is the “X” line that covers the High-end to Economy market segments. Though Siemens has not been a top innovator in the past decade their products are high quality and the workflow is refined.

current lineup

The most expensive premium machines are at the top and they become less expensive, with fewer features the farther down the list you go. Ultrasounds with a check mark by them are top-rated in our best ultrasound machines buyer’s guide.

Siemens ultrasound machines in production:
Siemens Acuson S3000: Top of the line premium 4D OB/GI ultrasound
Siemens Acuson SC2000: High-end Cardiac focused S2000
Siemens Acuson S2000: High-end 4D OB/GI ultrasound, replaced the S1000
Siemens Acuson S1000: High-end 4D OB/GI ultrasound at a lower price
Siemens Acuson X700: Shared service High-end ultrasound
Siemens Acuson X600: Shared service Midrange ultrasound
Siemens Acuson X300 PE: Shared service Midrange ultrasound
Siemens Acuson X300: Shared service Economy ultrasound
Siemens Acuson X150: OB/GI Economy ultrasound

Siemens Portable Ultrasound Machines

There are 3 portable Siemens ultrasound machines in production. The P500 is a high-end point of care and emergency ultrasound and the P300 a midrange version of the P500. The new Siemens Freestyle is a tablet sized Siemens ultrasound that uses an innovative wireless set of transducers.

Acuson was a pioneer in many technologies including the first portable cardiac ultrasound, the Cypress. When Siemens purchased Acuson they improved the Cypress and renamed it the Cypress Plus and it continued to sell well for years after it was discontinued.

current lineup

The most expensive ultrasound machines are listed first then get older, less expensive and with less features as you go down the list. Ultrasounds with a check mark by them are top-rated in our best portable ultrasound machines buyer’s guide.

Siemens Acuson P500: High-end portable
Siemens Acuson P300: Midrange portable

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