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GE sells more of the Logiq P5 Premium than any other model in production around the world. Why is this 10-year-old ultrasound system so popular and still in production today?

The evolution of the GE Logiq P5 Premium

First, let’s take a look at the history behind this time-tested machine.


GE first launched the Logiq P5 in 2006. The premium package included CrossXBeam & SRI but didn’t become part of the standard features until 2009.

In 2011, the Logiq P5 Premium BT11 was released and added new options for elastography, TVI, Stress Echo, Auto IMT, and SRI-HD. Support for newer cardiac and 4D probes was added as well.


The Logiq P5 has always been a reliable ultrasound system. The last revision in 2011 has been so stable that there hasn’t been a need for further revisions since. With such a broad scope of features and options available at an economical price, no wonder it’s still in production to this day!

The Logiq P5 Premium supports 29 transducers


Typically, economical ultrasound machines only have 4 to 6 probe choices, but the GE Logic P5 Premium offers a far larger variety; 29 to be exact! This includes 4D, cardiac sector, endocavitary, intraoperative, and even specialty probes that physicians from various disciplines will particularly appreciate.


With such an overwhelming selection of probes, we’ve highlighted the most popular ones in a recent blog:


The Logiq P5 supports a wide focus of applications

A broad range of applications is inevitable when dealing with that many probe options. In fact, the GE Logiq P5 Premium offers a wider selection of apps than any other ultrasound machine at this price point.

The P5 supports just about every existing application out there; from cardiac and 4D obstetrics to pediatrics and surgical including elastography.

If it can be done with ultrasound, the GE Logiq P5 Premium can do it.


An abundance of breakthrough technologies

Over the years each revision made by GE has brought a number of new features, options, and probes to help capture exceptional images.


To list a few supported technologies:

  • High Definition Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI-HD): Helps eliminate noise while maintaining tissue architecture
  • CrossXBeam Imaging: Helps enhance tissue and border differentiation
  • Auto Optimization (AO): Increases contrast resolution
  • Phase Inversion Harmonics: Helps provide a higher spatial resolution and deeper penetration
  • 3D/4D Imaging: Helps reveal anatomical details
  • Tissue Velocity Imaging: Provides quantitative analysis and views of the cardiac functions
  • Elastography: Helps detect tumors and direct biopsies for breast and musculoskeletal exams.
  • Automated Intima Media Thickness (IMT): Provides an automated measurement for quick carotid artery analysis

When GE introduces an advanced transducer feature, it is in their philosophy to incorporate that feature across the entire product line so you can always scan state-of-the-art images.


Moreover, if an ultrasound machine supports a specific application, it will have calculations, measurements, and reporting software included to make those apps useful in a clinical environment.

GE’s #1 bestselling economy ultrasound

The GE Logiq P5 is priced between $10,000 and $30,000 depending on the condition, the options, and the number and types of probes included.

Logiq_P5_ #1_selling_GE_unit

The Logiq P5 Premium is not the newest or the most advanced ultrasound machine, but its price-to-power ratio has no equal in this price category. This system is highly popular among healthcare practitioners worldwide and one of the reasons why it is still in production today.

We’ve put together a brochure which includes a summary of everything that the GE Logiq P5 Premium supports.

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