The making of KPI’s 2017 Brochure


We just completed a week-long photoshoot for our 2017 company brochure, and what a blast that was! We absolutely can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.
Let’s take a look at what went on behind the scenes…

Meet KPI’s executive team

We started with our execs. Despite their crazy schedules and endless responsibilities, they were able to make time for a session. We were able to get some great shots from this team of pioneers!


In the middle is Steven Minn our CEO and cofounder of KPI Ultrasound since 1998. On the left is Teresa Jacob our CFO who first joined as financial controller in 2004. And on the right is Jose Valdez our VP and Director of Sales and Procurement since 2008.

They’ve been working hard to launch new products for the year 2017, and we’re excited to unveil them in our upcoming brochure!


Everyone kept their cool even in front of the blazing hot studio lights! Thanks to Kelly Hamilton (on the left), our eCommerce Specialist (and photograph!), and Mi Yun Im (on the right), our Creative Designer for making this happen! Everyone had a terrific time! 1…2…3… Smile! *click*

KPI’s buoyant sales team

The next team is a big part of KPI’s culture! You might have seen them live in Facebook feeds, in person at trade shows such as MEDICA, Arab Health, FIME, etc., or you may already have communicated with them over the phone or by email!


We present you with the sales team! You’ve called them: “prompt and professional”, “very helpful”, “patient and understanding”, and we couldn’t agree more!


Above is an attempt at another shot for the brochure, but then someone cracked a joke… There’s never a dull moment with this team and it certainly wasn’t going to be any different on this day!


Meet superstar Ryan Cossio (on the left), Sales Executive, and ultrasound veteran Scott Hassler (on the right), Director of international business development. Ready to conquer the world guys? Nice ties by the way.

In KPI’s 2017 brochure, you’ll learn about the different teams and departments as well as their functions across the company. The goal is to combine all of our industry experience and bring you the best ultrasound solutions available.

KPI’s in-house sonographers

Meet Zoe Chester, one of our newest in-house sonographers! Zoe is passionate about volunteering and about ultrasound education.


Here is a snapshot of Zoe performing a scan while joking with Arman from sales. What could possibly be on that ultrasound monitor?
If you visit us to demo an ultrasound machine or to get some training, you’ll most likely be meeting them in person!
KPI’s brochure will also show off one of our newly built demo room, and go over the various sonography applications and training packages that are available.

KPI’s inventory warehouse

KPI has been steadily growing over the years, and as a result our warehouse is experiencing significant inventory turnover ratios.

Thankfully, another shipment straight from the manufacturers arrived just in time for the photoshoot!


Aboard a scissor lift, Joshua Park, Project Manager, is seeking to capture the perfect angle of our ultrasound inventory. Quick before it gets shipped out to their new owners!


Here’s a sneak peek at our state-of-the art refurbishing room. The brochure will also cover various other rooms, and areas that make it possible for us to provide you with the best ultrasound equipment in the world.

Be the first to get KPI’s 2017 digital company brochure!


You can be among the first to find out what we’ve been up to, and what we’re all about in our 2017 company brochure #1. We are certainly looking at a bright future in healthcare!


A word from Steven Minn, our CEO


“KPI has always enjoyed steady growth, but now we have reached a point where KPI is transforming as it grows into a broader solution provider that spans continents and languages to empower our partners.”
“The knowledge that KPI has gained and the solutions KPI provides will be critical in helping the world’s medical professionals evaluate and implement the best equipment choices available.”


Does your practice require blood collection? Talk to us today about adding automation to your process!
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KPI Cares and Bill Ipsen, in coordination with NORFI in Bacolod City, Philippines, sponsored a Christmas Party for children with disabilities like Cerebral Palsy. 
What a joy to see these children and their families enjoying the gathering and gifts. The true joy of Christmas!
If you would like to learn more about NORFI and the program they run, visit their facebook page
Have you seen our most requested systems of last month?! Head over to our home page to shop your favorite brands and accessories from KPI 🥇#kpihealthcare
Congratulations to Peter Tierney for being the top salesman for 2017!!!😁👏🎉
A big shout out to our supporters and KPI Family! To celebrate this year, we bring you KPI Healthcare’s best nine for 2017 :)


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KPI empowers distribution partners & medical professionals worldwide to succeed by providing the most reliable advanced medical equipment solutions.
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