The one rule to ultrasound safety

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When operating ultrasound equipment, it is crucial to ensure that it is properly set up within your office. Not only will this help protect your investment, but it will also keep you and your patients safe.

The risky setup

There are several power outlets connected to each other in a doctor’s office. Each outlet might supply an ultrasound machine, an electric patient bed, exam lights, or various other medical devices.


In this setup, all devices are sharing the same power line as the Epiq 7 ultrasound machine

The electric shocks

During ultrasound operation, if you turn the lights on, use the electric bed, or activate any other medical device, an electric shock can be created to your ultrasound system.


Electric shocks can cause serious injury to you or your patients! Your medical equipment can also suffer permanent damage often requiring costly repairs.

The dedicated power line

In order to prevent, and avoid this safety concern, the ultrasound system needs to be on its own dedicated power line. This means that other devices will no longer share the electrical circuit.


The installation

Using a 15 or 20 ampere breaker, the dedicated power line will start from the breaker box and run directly to the power outlet that will supply the ultrasound system.


In order to ensure ultrasound safety, no other electrical device should share this electrical circuit.

Get Professional help

To install or verify your dedicated power outlet, please contact KPI Healthcare’s Service Department, or a local electrician.



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