Revolutionize your ultrasound care with the Philips CX50


A portable revolution in the ultrasound world is currently happening, and it is shaping the future of healthcare. “Golden hour” care is saving more lives, workflow efficiency is improving, and patient throughput and satisfaction is reaching new heights.


The Philips CX50 CompactXtreme system is a leader in this movement. This article will describe the significant impact that this revolutionary portable system can have on any ultrasound practice.

Highly portable compact echo system

One of the best features of the CX50 is its portability. Ultrasound technology is becoming smaller, faster, and more powerful than ever. This offers a tremendous advantage, especially in surgical, emergency, and point of care situations where space is limited, and mobility is vital.


When scanning machines aren’t mobile, and an emergency arises, it can take several hours for a patient in critical condition to be transferred to a diagnostic center and back in order to receive proper care. This happened to Emma when she suffered a cardiac arrest while giving birth to twins. Had a portable scanner been available, she could have potentially avoided spending weeks in an intensive care unit.

Scan patients within minutes

Whether at the bedside or in an ambulance, an on-site portable ultrasound means that patients can be seen and diagnosed within minutes, and immediately receive the proper care. The machine needs to be portable, not the patient, and this is exactly what the CX50 is designed for.


Premium class performance

Just as smartphones have evolved to hold many advanced functions into the palm of our hands, newer ultrasound machines now contain dozens of premium features into a lightweight portable package, as does the CX50.


With over 500,000 digitally-processed channels, and barely weighting over 7 kg, the Philips CX50 accommodates some of the most powerful diagnostic features in the ultrasound industry. As of 2016, no other portable ultrasound support both PureWave and xMatrix transducers.

For technical specifications:


PureWave for difficult-to-scan patients


The CX50 supports the most advanced probes on a portable ultrasound machine including three single crystal PureWave transducers: the C5-1 convex, the C10-3v endovaginal, and the S5-1 cardiac sector probes. PureWave crystal technology significantly improves image quality at deep penetration, something very important for difficult-to-scan patients.


As a result, there is no need to change transducer, hence no disruption in the examination. In addition, the acquired data can be sent to your PACS at the push of a button for immediate review.

For a complete list of transducers supported by the CX50:


Live 3D TEE for clinical confidence

Live 3D TEE provides a 3D view of the heart while it’s beating to assess function. This advanced imaging technology is popular in operating rooms and cath labs.


Cardiologists and surgeons can now easily interpret and share their diagnosis with confidence. There is no need for additional imaging techniques, and the extensive information obtained allows for non-invasive procedures that could not be performed before.

Powerful features for reliability and efficiency

The Philips CX50 is a shared service powerhouse equally capable in radiology and OB/GYN as well as in 4D cardiac and cardiovascular applications.


Digital Broadband Beamforming, SonoCT, XRES, and QLAB are other powerful features that make this system truly reliable, and versatile.

Explore all available features from this high-end ultrasound system by selecting the following options:


Revolutionize your ultrasound care today

If you are looking for:

  • The most powerful portable ultrasound machine
  • The best mobile imaging quality available
  • Maximum versatility in a condensed package
  • Diagnostic confidence in emergency situations
  • A solution to boost your workflow efficiency then the Philips CX50 is what you’re looking for.

Get a quote on the CX50 at +1-714-696-3434



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