GE Logiq P5

GE Logiq P5 Ultrasound Machine

The GE Logiq P5 premium is an economical shared service ultrasound machine that is unique in it’s price range by offering deep support for all applications from Cardiac to Pediatric, from 4D Obstetrics to Surgical or Elastography with an astounding 29 compatible transducers spread across every possible application. If it can be done with ultrasound, the Logiq P5 can do it.
The Logiq P5 premium replaced the older Logiq 5 in 2006 and is currently in production as a BT11 revision. GE sells more of the Logiq P5 premium than any other model in production around the world and the fact that the Logiq P5 has been in production for a decade is proof of it’s reliability and popularity. The GE Logiq P5 is compact and has many premium features and ergonomic details that are typically only available on midrange units costing more. Because the Logiq P5 premium has been in production so long and has been so popular there are large quantities of replacement parts and transducers available on the market. This will make maintenance and support inexpensive and easily available for many years to come, far beyond all other economy priced ultrasound machines. The GE Logiq P5 price is between $10,000 and $30,000 dollars depending upon the condition, options, and the number and types of probes included. The similar Logiq P6 fits in the midrange price point and is visually very similar to the P5 but offers even more probe options and features.

GE Logiq P5 Price:
Premium / High-end / Midrange /
In stock
Full warranty standard, extended warranty available.

Application training for the GE Logiq P5 premium

KPI’s on-staff sonographer can provide onsite applications training or remote training via video conference at a set price plus travel costs. A pre-recorded video training course is included in the sale, lease or rental of the GE Logiq P5 premium from KPI ultrasound.

Logiq P5 Service Options

Free technical support is available from KPI during installation and over the course of the standard limited warranty. Technical support is available after the warranty period at an hourly cost per issue.

GE Logiq P5 Maintenance

KPI recommends the use of a surge protector along with a dedicated power outlet. Probes should be disinfected after every use with a disinfectant wipe proven not to damage the lens (KPI recommends SonoWipes for this.) KPI recommends one PM visit (preventative maintenance) every year.

GE Logiq P5 premium Dimensions & Weight

Height: (adjustable, maximum) 1410 mm (55.5 in)
Width: 430 mm (16.9 in)
Depth: 640 mm (25.2 in)
Weight: 75 kg (165 lb), approx 325 lbs with packaging

Logiq P5 Specifications

Digital Beamformer
2,560 processing channels
Frame Rate: >700 depending on preset
Displayed Imaging Depth: 0 – 30 cm
Minimum Depth of Field: 0 – 2 cm (probe dependent)
Maximum Depth of Field: 0 – 30 cm (probe dependent)
Up to 197 dB processing dynamic range

GE Logiq P5 Electrical

Voltage 100-120 VAC or 220-240 VAC
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power Max. 750 VA with Built-in and on-board Peripherals
Thermal Output (maximum) 2200 BTU/h

KPI Mission Statement

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